(c) I Know Write Manila
(c) I Know Write Manila
The room was so cold,

And I didn’t understand,

For everyone was as warm as hugs;

Although their mere presence 

sent shivers to my spine.


(c) I Know Write Manila
(c) I Know Write Manila
Hands that shuffle for camera parts;

Voices that bounce from heart to heart;

Giggles that fill the thin, blowing air;

Eyes that serves as couple of flares. 


Even if the brightest or most brilliant 

Were to write a poem about this majestic creature,

I don’t think it would ever be as beautiful

As you.

(((yes, this is a poem about pizza)))

The speakers:

She empowers,

She inspires, motivates;

Her goal are smiling faces.

When she flashes her own,

That’s when you’ll know - 

She’s doing a good job at it.

Marla Miniano: Editor-in-chief of Candy, the coolest teen magazine in the Philippines (basically an overall cool person); blogs at Sunday Morning.


There’s something different
In her eyes.
It glimmers in its own light -
She saw so many wonders
That it never really stopped sparkling.

Reese Lansangan (aka my life peg): ½ of Reese and Vica; blogs at

Her hands can take you anywhere;
It moves forward, backward, sideward,
Through the fabric of time, space (and band shirts).
Take it.
I know she wants you to.

Nina Pineda: Officer of 1DPH, entrepreneur; blogs at Sartorially Challenged 

The awesome hosts with the equally awesome speakers (from left to right):  Jodie, Reese, Yannie, Cidee, Marla, Lara, and special guest, Clara  
(c) I Know Write Manila
(c) I Know Write Manila
Inside the goodie bag:

This smells really nice! I'm not a big fan of perfume since I hate how unnatural they smelled and that I have to reapply them every hour or so but this, I can't resist! I only use it when really necessary because I don't want to use the entire bottle up (usual Andrea logic) because it's just soooo nice! 
I have yet to use this but my mom have and she says it's really effective (and she's so muuuuccch whiter than me so yeah it works hahaha). I really need this though because acNE IS ANNOYING ERGGHH
They actually gave us three kinds of these, but my dad liked the 'Cleanse' one so much he drank it all up before I could even take a picture (you see where I get my roots huh). My mom really likes the 'Slim' one, and I, on the other hand, do not drink coffee because I'm lame. 
I've been lusting over these ever since forever! It's so cute and the drawings are on-point. I LOVE CHICHI AKA THE CREATOR OF THIS SO MUCH SO I GOT REALLY EXCITED WHEN I SAW THIS (((and I cried all over it when I reread The Fault in our Stars so yep I'm emotionally attached tot his now)))
Blo Dry Bar is such an amazing salon because they style your hair without washing, cutting, or any kind of product, and the results are just as good - better, even! Their branch is really far from where I am but I sure would visit if I get the chance.
(c) Vianne Del Rosario
In behalf of everyone in the IKW Army, we would like to thank Blo Dry Bar, Hodge Podge, YSA Botanica, Nice Day Coffee, VitaMAX-C, GlutaMAX, Belle & Cat, Fab & Femme, The Perky Shop, Band Feels Manila, and Strings Manila for believing in the power of us teen bloggers, and providing raffle prizes and goodies for everyone who attended.

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Last May 29 (holy mother of late posts aka me), I attended the second I Know Write event—a summer workshop (read about the first one here). As a usual IKW event, it was hella fun; ‘fun’ doesn’t even begin to describe it! The pizza (and chicken wings! We had chicken wings too) and the people made this afternoon the best one of my summer. Everyone was so friendly and pretty and aaahhh just so nice! The three speakers also gave packed talks about three different facets of blogging: text, visual aspects, and feedback. The setting was pretty much like a classroom, but it didn’t feel as suffocating as one. If only school was just like this, with the couches and awesome people who share the same passion as you, then maybe I’d actually look forward to it everyday. And we even had sponsors now! How cool is that wwwooooaaaahhh. I don’t think I could ever thank the hosts enough for such an amazing opportunity. You guys are seriously the bomb dot com.

Anyway, Nina challenged us to blog about this awesum-possum event in an unconventional way, and yep, my lame idea of unconventional is poetry. I actually wanted to write these in a Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower-esque way, but they sounded really weird(??) in prose, so I converted them into poems. YAY FOR NEW LEARNINGS AND A DAY I NEVER WANTED TO END.

There are so many excuses reasons for my unexpected hiatus, but I don’t want to bury the awesomeness of the IKW affair with my fluctuating sentiments about the first two weeks of school and whatnot so I’ll just write about them in the next few posts, I guess. Who knew junior year was so demanding? Everyone but me. My fingers have callouses from playing too much guitar (I’M TRYING TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY IT AKA PROCRASTINATION) and it really hurts when I type, but I promise, I’ll be back real soon. Besides, I did get tagged in a tag(?) by Lilienne, and I’ll feel really guilty if I don’t blog about it.



  1. This looks really interesting and like a lot of fun! You got some awesome goodies too xx

  2. It looks really fun Andrea!! Actually, I also want to join the event of I KNOW WRITE MNL but the distance is just so complicated. I regretted not going so. And hey, you write good poems. I would love if someone writes one for me hihi, that feeling is just rare and special. Are you learning to play the guitar?? Geez I do play the guitar too! You really can't escape from getting callouses because it's what makes you resistant from the painful strings when you play it again and again. And there's also a chance of having cuts (I experience this a lot that I need to put band aids just not to cut myself again) but it's all good when you can play guitar and sing at the same time!! Good luck on your junior year!!