Hello. I’m Andrea Panaligan. Aside from winging being 17 (it’s harder than John Hughes made me believe) and making my sweater obsession work amidst the Philippine heat, I spend most of my time gushing over visual art, be it films, Monet paintings, mixed media collages, or random photographs I exhume from Tumblr, among other things. I’d also like to say I love writing, but it’s more of a love-hate relationship, you know how it is. JUST LET ME DO YOU, WRITING. LET ME LOVE YOU. WAIT WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY

Collars and Bones is where I record my artsy exploits, varying from outfits, crafts, photographs, collages, and the like. It also features my attempts at creating a harmonious relationship with words, by dancing around with them, or, you know, mashing them together until they die.

I’m open to collaborations and sponsorships! E-mail me at xndrexpanaligan@gmail.com, and while you’re at it, read the post I did for ZALORA. Thank you for dropping by!

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