I overused the word 'beautiful' in this post.

Just as much as I want to talk about how gorgeous my Doc Martens are, or how I could have worn this skater skirt with a bustier but I paired it with a triple-extra-large shirt to emphasize my laziness and hunger for originality, there have been voices on the back of my head that kept saying, "hey, yes you, stop rambling about all the crappy fashion stuff you don't even know about and write something to inspire your non-existent readers.", so yeah, that's what I'm gonna try to do.

I thought of the concept while taking a shower on a very, very cold night (don't ask - I get inspiration anywhere), and drafted it at twelve midnight yesternight whilst reading An Abundance of Katherines and watching a show about cupcakes, so my use of words tend to get really confusing; and as much as I want to be high-falluting, this is just not the right time. I apologize for the next few paragraphs that contains failed endeavors of being inspirational. 

How can you tell if someone us beautiful exactly? I don’t know how all these crap began, but somehow, we humans have this detailed description that can tell if a girl is: a head of soft, blonde hair, a body as straight as a stick,—and not coincidentally, as skinny as a stick—a face as smooth as the leather bustier they managed to agree to buy exorbitantly. What was our basis when we plotted this? Notice that all the aforementioned qualities are chronic not to have—you can’t avoid not having them. Like, take for instance, the blonde hair. Not everyone has them—and according to our (when I say ‘our’ or ‘we’, I mean society. Yes, I am involving myself, and you. No matter how much we hate society, we are in it), ~*magical description of perfection*~, not everyone who has them are beautiful. And quite ironically, we tend to ruin our own hair when we strive to make it attractive.

Yes, I skate. Not penny boards and all those fancy stuff - skateboards. Ben 10 ones. I'm cool (I'm joking please bear with me I only know how to cruise slightly but I swear I'll learn soon).
Then we move on to the skinny dilemma. Oh, the skinny dilemma. To be honest, I think this is the most pathetic of all. I’m sorry, but hey, what the hell were we thinking when we found this beautiful? I have no rage whatsoever to thin girls, but think about it: if God originally planned that being skinny would equate to being beautiful, then maybe He should’ve not placed all these adipose tissues in our body to store our damn fat. Is it not a known fact, if not mere common sense, that we need to eat to freaking survive? You are what you eat, and this may just be the ~*hungry rebel girl*~ in me talking, but food is beautiful, so why aren't we? Like, you can’t avoid having those (((I had a short pause in this part for I was looking for an appropriate term))) extra body mass, because YOU’RE A FREAKING HUMAN BEING AND—I AM REPEATING THIS FOR EMPHASIS—YOU NEED TO EAT TO SURVIVE (Notice that now I am just blabbing about how fat doesn't make you any less beautiful to make myself feel better haha). And like the number on the weighing scale, we can’t really dictate if we can or cannot have acne—besides, most of us, unfortunately, including me, are at the annoying stage of awkwardescence adolescence.  Facial flaws are like nostalgia; you know it will come, and when it does, you hate every second of it. You try to find a way to hide from it, but you know that fighting it will just make everything worse. Having it, in fact, is very beautiful because you express that you are brave enough to not care about being beautiful so you just kind of remove the mask, then not realize how being beautiful you are being (I overused the word ‘beautiful’ that it doesn't even make sense to me anymore). 

The whole point in this is, I’m trying to say that our description of beautiful basically consist of all inhuman qualities that seems so surreal and ridiculous until you actually see a person living it—and when you do, you kind of force yourself to instill in your mind that they are beautiful because that’s what they say, instead of looking for your own reason to find them beautiful. What we don’t realize is that we try so hard to fit in to the description of attractiveness that we unconsciously ruin our own beauty.

Our portrayal of beauty has become so inhuman that instead of making some beautiful, it made all of us ugly.

Beauty is in the blueness of his eyes,
it bears resemblance of the sky, the ocean; all the places I want to go.It is the all the beads in her arm that covers up all the scars,
the days she stood up even though the others told her not to.

Beauty is in his laugh,
an expression of mere and temporary happiness.

It is in her cough,
an expression of mere pain and everlasting sadness.

Beauty is the sound of his footsteps
as he walked closer.

It is the sound of her calling for help,
as she saw him going to her in that dark corner.

Beauty is when he realized,
that he didn't need anything else.

It is when she realized,
that all she needed was him to be considered blessed.

Whatever! graphic raglan

Dressups skater skirt
Kicks boots

Beanie from Baguio City

Photos by Bridget Cabe 


  1. love, love, love you and your inspirational writings! loving the boots, too~

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  3. I love this post, it was beautiful and so was the outfit! It annoys me so much how we can never be happy with what we've got. I'm blonde but sometimes I wish I was brunette and those who are brunette sometimes wish they were blonde! :) xx

  4. I totally agree with you on your thoughts regarding true beauty. And I think your Docs are, too! xx

  5. such a lovely post!

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  6. cute outfit, love the boots and your inspirational writing is so powerful
    I couldn't agree more with you with how society has portrayed and defined 'beauty'
    I think blonde and skinny being the 'beautiful' image came from Barbie or who ever came up with it
    but I am so happy that now there's more and more celebs that are going away from that imagery of what they so call 'beauty' like Jennifer Lawrence, she's so inspiring about this

    Anyway, loved reading that text :) keep doing that, 'cause readers actually do read them and it's good :)

    1. Aaaaahhh, omg a long comment haha. And I totally agree with your thoughts.

  7. you write in such a lovely way - I recently did an essay on the subject of beauty standards and I totally agree with what you are saying x

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  9. Love your docs! Love the words too, great post x

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