An interview with Rusty Halo's Christel Castillo.

1. Tell us about yourself 
 - weeeeeell hi my name is christel a lot of people call me tel and i actually prefer that huehue. i love to read and write and sing. i have 2 bands (if they really consider me as part of their band...) UnDo (or Universal Dominace) and Local Brand :)

2. What encouraged you to start blogging?
- one hot afternoon, a girl scrolling through her twitter feed, found a link - a blog link - and all of sudden she thought "wooow i would like to have one of those..."

3. What is your blog about?
 to be honest though i actually dont know. but since i mostly blog about the things i love, then (quoting ETC right here) "capsules for the stylish youth". 
....and i blabber about my life most of the time...s o y e a h.

4. Who is your favorite blogger?
-that would be Nina Pineda (since visiting her blog is one of my hobbies in lyf.. lol) and the one who designed my blog (for freeeeeee) and britt of enccouragement for everyday struggles (

5. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
- my favorite thing is how bloggers share their ideas to their readers. and everyone seem so nice!

6. What so you want to be when you grow up, or to be more specific, what do you want to accomplish?
- I've always wanted to be one of New York Times' best selling author. pretty big, i know.

7. Choose one word that defines you.
- UNPREDICTABLE??? (lol even me myself cant predict my own actions...)

8. What are you planning on doing today?
- im planning of curling up in my room and read HOUSE OF freaking HADES since i already have my own copy now lmao

9. Who do you look up to?
- God.

10. How do you want to be remembered?

-simple. i want to be remembered as the girl who fulfilled her dream. 

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I've been drafting a lookbook featuring the basic black skater skirt, and I'm planning to blog it next week, so watch out!



    1. Thank you too, Christel! Looking forward to an actual collaborated blog post.

  2. Gorgeous!

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