I've been suffering from lack of inspiration since my last post, so here's a tutorial on how to make the most talked about headwear of the season - flower crowns.

Faux flowers

Since this was just an attempt, I used craft flowers from Expressions, which, I think, are made of reeeeaaaalllllyyyy thin wood. Nonetheless, you may still use plastic ones or whatever you prefer.

Paper cord
Available at any craft store. It's paper, rolled and coiled until it becomes sturdy. It comes in different colors, too, but I chose brown so the crown looks more natural.

Craft wire
Really thin wire; it's easier to coil using bare hands and is not bulky.

Dressmaker's pin

More ideal if it has a huge head; it will be easier to handle.


1. Fit the cord around your head, then add an approximate three-inch allowance. Whilst still on your head, tie a knot until it doesn't fall off. Cut extra cord or leave as is

2. Using the dressmaker's pin, poke a hole in the middle of a flower until it is big enough to fit the craft wire. Repeat for all the flowers.

3. After creating the hole, insert a piece craft wire and bend it at one edge. This will serve as the stopper so the flower will not slip from the wire.

4. Coil the remaining wire to the paper cord until the flower doesn't fall off. Do for all flowers.

~*The finished product*~ 
You're done! I'm really poop at explaining so I hope the photos depicted the process clearly. I actually made two more so maybe you'll catch these babies in my next outfits. AAAAANNNNDDDD, I'm doing a skater skirt lookbook next week, so watch out!


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  6. Hello I am already following your blog!
    The necklace is very cute.

  7. Wow those wooden flowers look really cool! Love the colors you picked,the end result is beautiful!

    xo freshfizzle

  8. cute flower :D


  9. Pretty flower crown.. Wooden flowers really looking cute!! i love it..

  10. I've tried this once but I wasn't able to blog it. Anw, u have amzing blog for a 13 yr old. :)) Happy holidays sweetie <3

  11. I love this!I really, really want to make one.I made a real one once but, it died super fast which was a shame. Do you have any questions you could possibly put on my FAQ blog post? I'm going to do a video but I'm short on questions at the moment hehe! xxxx