Hashtag awkward

I didn't want to ruin the bubblegum pop outfit ensemble with grungy footwear so I wore these candy-colored Converse.

Summer will reach its deadline at a few weeks' time, so here's a final call to vibrant colors and flowy skirts. I opted to shoot at our veranda so the sunshine is brighter, giving it my last embrace before clouds take up the whole sky. I have a love-hate relationship with rain; it gives me so much inspiration and its sound is melody to my ears, while it also makes me want to sleep all day and cause simultaneous blackouts like no  Next few posts might circle around shorts--let's enjoy the sun while it's still flashing its bright smile!


  1. Nice blog post! I like the color of the shoe lace!

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    1. Hi Alison! Thank you, and I will surely join your giveaway!