DO NOT attempt this, I was clawing the metal bar and I don't know how I managed to smile when I'm slipping every five seconds. 

Behind me is my ~*famous*~ (well, to my friends) poster mosaic. It contains more than just One Direction, but other artists are stuck on the farther side of the wall. 

This necklace is actually very special because I bought this a Lucena City, when I represented my school and my city in the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) when I won as first as an editorial writer in the Dasmarinas School PressCon. I lost during the RSPC, but during the melancholic four-hour trip home, a vendor rode our bus and offered us necklaces with our birthstone in it.

Here's my first take on pattern blocking. I recently learned a vital rule in this trend from Total Girl Philippines: different patterns don't clash when colors match. Show me how you try out this trend by mentioning me on Instagram .

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