Orange Screams Summer!

It's April--the first month of summer! (In my country, at least). So what better way to embrace sunshine than wearing its hues?
Honestly, my favorite color is orange (and not just because it is Harry Styles' favorite too) so basically almost everything I own is in its shade.
And, you guessed it, this outfit embarks on a journey down the orange lane.

The top is made of sheer which is lightweight and perfect for the weather. Yet, it may not be opaque enough so I highly advise you wear a white tank top underneath.

The shoes match the top, obviously. It's a different hue but from the same color family so I don't look all matched up but still coordinated. I wore stockings because the shorts were not lengthy enough. You know the shorts are just right when you stand up and your middle finger doesn't reach the hem, and sadly, my shorts does not comply to that. So I decided to sport these also to avoid the mediocre top-short ensemble.

Top from Jewels. Shorts from a thrift store. Stockings from SM Dept. Store. Shoes from Solemate.

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