Hi! So, yeah. You guessed it. That weird girl in pigtails with an orange mustache is *drum rolls* me.
My name is Andrea, I'm 12, well, turning 13 on May! I'm from the Philippines!
I loooooovveeee clothes! I don't really have truckloads in my closet, but even though I repeat garments, it won't look like it because I styles each outfit differently.
I'm not really the most fashion-forward girl, but hey, if I'm ugly, might as well pay attention to fashion so people can have at least one piece of eye candy when I pass by.
This blog, basically, focuses on my everyday outfits, clothes I see in magazines, streets, and store windows, style inspiration, stuff. HAHA.
You are probably wondering why I chose 'Trend Lollipop' (or not, I don't know, I'm not a mind reader). Well, judging by the trends and style innovations on glossy pages today, I can say that not all are tween- and teen-friendly. So here I am, putting a spin of youth to every trend that comes and goes.
Oh, and I'm a big Directioner too! Um, that is really unnecessary, but if in my photos, you see posters and stuff on the background, it's because of that.
I'm done here! Enjoy my blog! :>

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