Okay, so maybe your forehead is too big, or your nose is messed up, or your eyes are this boring shade of really really dark black, or your hair is all over the place, or your breakouts never end, or your teeth is crooked, or you're too pale, or your thighs are too squishy, or you're really short, or Cher Horowitz thinks from far away, you're okay, but up close, you're a big old mess - so what?

Let's say, you find Harry Styles beautiful, but I don't. What does that make of Harry Styles?

People calling you beautiful/ugly is just their opinion of you - it isn't a known fact. There's no sense in getting so worried about all those likes and comments because at the end of the day, they're just strangers, and as validating as it is to have a bunch of anonymous people find you attractive behind a screen, does it really matter? Yeah, it makes you a tad confident, but is that the only way you can be comfortable in your own skin - if other people tell you so?
Calling yourself beautiful/ugly is also just your opinion of yourself, and your opinion is the only one that matters. If you're beautiful in your eyes, then damn straight you're beautiful! You are what you radiate. If you show that you think you're too pretty for this world to handle, then people will start believing it, albeit what they believe doesn't really matter at this point. How does that saying go - "You're only as beautiful as you think you are." 

Being beautiful (and it's not really a matter of being, but more of feeling beautiful) is not something you can be, it's something you can be in. It's a state of mind, just like how being/feeling ugly is. Mind wins over matter, always!
Also, even if you think you're not beautiful, what's so bad about being/feeling ugly? There's nothing wrong with wanting to improve what you look like, or finding confidence on what others say about you - trust me, we all want that some point - but being/feeling ugly doesn't make you less of a person. Physical appearance is just one thing - it's not the whole world, and it's definitely not enough to dictate your worth. I mean, it's one of the things we have no/very little control over - why are we getting so worked up about something we didn't have the right to choose?

And if ever you're feeling like a hideous, lethargic monster, you can always just put pictures of yourself above Monet paintings and post them on the internet. You'll feel pretty soon enough (and if it's any consolation I think you look rockin').

Disclaimer: For the record, I think Harry Styles is beautiful.


  1. Having the incredible urge to swear right now because thiS POST.

    You go, Andrea. You go and tell the world. Beauty is subjectivity, and if you believe you are beautiful, then damn straight you are. I loved this, and gah, your pictures!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  2. Wow. just wow. no words, just simply... WOW TO THIS POST~


  3. ahhh, girl say it louder for the people in the back!!! this is amazing, thank you for posting it <3

    bad sass

  4. stay awesome, andrea. love u always. :)

    ps. ?????? YOU LIVE IN DASMA ?????? I'LL MEET U THERE SOON