Saying you’re sad is definitely attention-seeking.

But so is saying that you’re happy, or mad, or hungry, or sleepy. Whenever a human being causes vibrations in one’s vocal chords, creating non-ambiguous noises that are transmitted into the air and into other people’s ears drums, they are seeking for attention.
But seeking attention is not at all wrong. It’s necessary, actually. If you’re sick, you will call the doctor’s (which is a person, obviously) attention. You sought for attention. But you didn’t get despised for that, because striving for attention is crucial in survival. That rhymes so it’s legit believe it.  That rhymed too are u ready Shakespeare because I am about to shake this sphere.  They judge the extent, not the act itself, because if they were, then they would be the victims too. And who the hell says they have the right to gauge the extent of someone’s attention-seeking? Not me, and hopefully not you too.

I’m sad. I don’t know if it’s just right now, or if it’s more of a ‘body climate’ or whatever. I know my crappy, sad writing may put you down, but that is never my goal whenever I write. But I just don’t see anything wrong with lonely writing – it’s the same as happy writing, or mad writing, or hungry writing, or sleepy writing (this post is probably a mix of all five), and—I can’t stop emphasizing this enough—melancholy is equal with all other emotions; it is not our goal/purpose, just as any other emotion isn’t our goal/purpose. Saying you’re sad is attention-seeking, but it doesn’t have a bigger extent than saying another thing. People have no right to call you an attention seeker whenever you announce that you’re sad if they don’t bat an eye when you (or anyone else, really) say you’re excited, or bored.

I know that being sad is easy (well, easier as any other positive emotion), because life is tiring—the present exhausts us, and the idea that we still have so many to do when we’re already so weary tires us as well; the fact that we’re tired at such an early phase makes us sad. In a way, being sad is like sleeping in a dark, empty room while being happy feels like hanging off a cliff, holding on for dear life so you don’t fall into the chasm of futility. Many of us would rather sleep than hang off a cliff everyday, because it’s a constant struggle. And we’re tired.

But here’s the thing: being lonely is an option for us humans, but it’s not the only option out there. As I keep saying: sadness is equal to all other emotions, so why are we letting it become so dominant over us?

I wasn’t really intending on writing yet another angsty post, but I’ve been experiencing a lot of (physical, bodily) pain – my tooth hurts like hell and the pain branched out to my jaw and my neck and my ear and my temple and while I was writhing in agony I realized that every single person in the world carries some kind of pain in them, and it’s naturally-occurring like blood cells, but humans are the best conductors of emotion (in this case, pain) so we cause a lot of collateral damage because of the wreckage inside us and that multiplies the pain in this world to probably seven billion. And maybe if we conducted something other than pain once in a while then forests wouldn’t die or the sky wouldn’t be angry at us sometimes.

On a lighter note, go listen to Slaylor Swift's album, 1989. please. You would be missing out on a reinvented Lorde, HAIM, and Lana Del Rey all smooshed in a brilliant playlist if you don't, and you wouldn't want that. xx


  1. Your writing is not sad, I really like it ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

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  3. I love what you pointed out here! I've been trying to get the same point across, not just on my blog, but I've also been explaining it to friends during casual conversation. Nice one, Andrea! :)