A launch and fan party for 5 Seconds of Summer’s debut album x A birthday celebration for members Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings; July 20 // Glorietta 5 Activity Center

My opinion may be slightly biased, but this was the best day of my life.

Talking about the event (or 5SOS in general) makes me melodramatic so bear with my writing for a while, yeah? It’s days like this that makes me thankful that I’m a fangirl – imagine: one whole day where we all celebrate the existence of a band and their newly released music with five hundred other people that we’ve never met before, but share the same obsession passion as us. I just can’t shut up about this.

The week before this was tough – no electricity, no water, no classes, and I was this close to backing out because of everything else, but the morning of the event, everything came back to normal, and this was like the light at the end of the very dark (and wet) tunnel.

The album launch was like grass-less Coachella where we were just sitting on the floor (no mosh pit yay), singing along to songs we have all known to love while gobbling the free ice cream and it was just the best. There were several booths too featuring band merchandise; the fan favorite Seashop was there with their hella awesome shirts that everyone was basically prepared to kill for (I took the last ‘You Complete Mess’ shirt and I’d like to apologize for it), Kleistor with their bottle cap necklaces and accessories, and several others (that I can’t remember by name because whenever we pass by their tables it looks like a storm just hit it and it’s like traumatized from all the crazed girls that mobbed it) that delighted the hundreds of people willing to showcase the love they have for this band. fy fyyfyyyy
Selfie with teammates! I was in one of the games it was so embarrassing sorry to everyone who saw my unenthusiastic half-twerk and “””runway””” walk

I was just really, really happy that day and even right now I still am. This is what I want to do everyday. If I could be a professional fangirl, I would. I know it’s wrong to immerse myself in other people and completely forget about who I am, but through them I found myself, and I don’t know where I’d be without this band. Shut up Andrea you’re being dramatic again.gyjIMG_5794 PERFOMERS AND SPECIAL GUESTS:IMG_5791IMG_5790 IMG_5769IMG_5768 Michael Pangilinan – my friend Katrice got invited to the stage and he serenaded her it was sO CUTE
IMG_5767 IMG_5766 Some of the artists under MMI Live performed so many 5SOS songs and in the second picture, they asked some of the officers of 5SOS’s official street team to join them on stage.IMG_5764 IMG_5763 Timmy Pavino, who kinda looks like Nat Wolff so I may or may have not been giggling throughout his performance.IMG_5795 Iktus aka the BESTEST EVER. I’ve only heard of them that time and oh my they’re such a gem I love their sound so much and I really enjoyed their performance. IMG_5792IMG_5762  Ken Chan – Nicole’s favorite for reasons that are too embarrassing to even tell.

And it’s not just about the band; it’s about the other people with you in this ever wondrous venture. There were like 500 people and all of them felt like our friends, like we’ve known each other for years. At first, me and my friends were a bit shy to mingle because there was an abundance of tummy-bare hipsters wearing their kimonos and all that, but when I saw them put on their party hats and sing along to the songs we all know the words to, they seemed less like scary rich kids but more like teenage girls that we can all relate to and are completely ordinary—crushes in boys in bands included. No one was pretentious and everyone was so kind that when we were crowding towards Seashop’s merch table, we were making friends in the vast sea of people and everyone asked the guy behind the counter if he was okay or if he needed water—it was rhetorical, but I’m still glad to be part of a fandom like this one. We may know each other by twitter usernames only but that didn’t stop us from laughing at reaction pictures or crying at videos we’ve seen a hundred times. We weren’t shy to dance along or cry when we first got hold of the album because everyone else wouldn’t judge us and most of them we’re tearing up too. This fandom brought so many of us together that I’m now friends with people six years older than me living in places I’ve never even been to before.

IMG_5757 IMG_5773Guys I met Otin aka the fiercest ever aaaahhh!!!IMG_5783 IMG_5784 Also met Allyson (she blogs! Click her name to see it) and her wonderful friendsIMG_5761Officers of 5SOSPH (one of them is Kailtyn, whom I met on I Know Write) preparing us for the ultimate surprise which is…IMG_5760a video of the band themselves saying hi to the Philippines and everything else that causes hundreds of teenage girls to scream at the top of their lungs.

I can’t even express how proud I am of 5SOS (oh no here we go at the drama queen –ing again). We’ve been waiting for a full-length album ever since forever and now that it’s physically here, I’m just so sjbgiugbvkjshgu. We’re finally done with listening to crappy live versions of songs that we can’t even understand because of the roaring audience. All the songs are here, loud and clear, in my hands, all their hard work, all their grand ideas, all their dreams, now on shelves. I couldn’t be more prouder, and I’m glad that I’m part of the big group of people that made everything happen. IMG_5753 IMG_5755 The album is a three-fold with a free poster (!!!!!!!!), a booklet for song lyrics, and a trading card. It included fifteen songs for the price of Php 495, which is so worth it. These boys seriously keep spoiling us with all this and wow I just love them so much. Like, they’re not in it for the money or the fame; they’re here to make music and their fans happy. I’M GONNA STOP TALKING NOW.
More stuff I got: the party hat, a free 5SOS pen, a button pin and keychain from Seashop (I got some shirts too but they’re in the wash because I got really excited and wore them as soon as I got home), and a notebook from 5SOSPH IMG_5777A necklace from Kleistor that I won from a raffle but I gave it away (and now I wish I didn’t sigh)

Pages from my journal (which is irrelevant but I’ll show anyway):IMG_5779IMG_5775 IMG_5776
Never have I been aware of how much I love this band, and how thankful I am for them.

And even though I’ve been singing Amnesia all the way home, I really wish I wouldn’t wake up with amnesia and forget the best day of my life.

This is the last time I’ll ever talk about my fandoms I promise but hey this was a happy blog post and that rarely happens

WARNING: Don't watch these with earphones on, unless you want to experience ear pain that you can't even begin to imagine (I did and I really really wish I didn't):

Sorry for the lack of proper photos and the weird iphone quality, just thought it’d be easier if I wasn’t carrying my heavy dSLR (named Vittoria) everywhere.