Dancing, birthdays, and dancing on birthdays.

Dancing on public sounds like a pretty swell idea—it’s fun, and it opens lots of possibilities. You decide you want to do it, then you practice, prepare, and practice a bit more. But on the day of your dance, you get that “oh frick am I really gonna do this it’s a bad idea I back out I back out” moment; the room gets smaller, staring eyes double, everything freezes. But heck, you’re there, so you do it. Badly at first, but you continue with grace, and you’re gonna love how it feels—fulfillment, adrenaline, sheer awesomeness—that you want to do it again. So you do, and it’s the bravest thing you have ever done, and ever does.

I hate dancing in public, but it sure is a pretty good metaphor for blogging. I actually feel bad because I’m not one of those girls who ‘wants to change the world so they share their words to the virtual world’ and whatnot; this blog was a mere product of boredom last summer, and I dressed pretty decent those past few months so I settled for fashion as the theme. 

This blog was called ‘Trend Lollipop’ back then, and it had little mustaches as its background (this is so cringe-worthy). I had a little trouble shooting outfits since all I owned was a crappy Samsung Galaxy Tablet and no one to assist me, and I can’t use a self-timer app for some reason so I took videos of me posing every five seconds and screenshot them afterwards (hahahahaha). If you take a look at that post, you’ll see my quite embarrassing na├»ve-ness. Luckily, on the second one here, I had someone taking the pictures, although I think I love fake bokeh way too much.

Today, Collars and Bones is a fashion, lifestyle, and writing blog, and I am now equipped with a Canon EOS Kiss X3, and a group of friends who will enthusiastically shoot with me. My outfits are not as grand as others, and my pictures are not as impressive, but CAB is just a year old, and—this is not an excuse—still has a hundred more years to grow, but even if I have an inadequate blog in the eyes of my readers, it’s perfect for me—I love the busy background, the fact that I’m too shy to show my teeth so I never smile on photos, and all the writing that has no relation whatsoever to the photos juxtaposed it.  It’s a blog that’s exactly how I want to put it, something I’m proud of, something I will maintain for a long time, something that’s mine and also the world’s, and something that just lasted for one fricking  year.

words by Jemimah Lore
I probably sound like a proud mama on her baby’s big day, but happy birthday, Collars & Bones. 


  1. Happy birthday, Collars and Bones!! :D

  2. Hello Andie!

    Would you believe me if I tell you this post sent chills down my spine?

    It reminds me all too well of my first year of blogging. Ditto on the cringe-worthy design! I had that too. Not to mention, the icky poses I made up myself in attempt to look different from other bloggers. But you know what, had I never went for it, I wouldn't have been able to put up a brand that resonates with a lot of young women. I would have never learned what art, style, and expression deeply means had I not allowed awkwardness in my life. So this is the part where I feel happy for you. For wanting to create something that is yours and the world's (I'm throwing fist pumps in the air for that incredible statement). I see the promise in this blog. Keep going.

    P.S. Love the name Collar & Bones (can that get any more badass? too good)

    P.P.S. I think you should need to watch this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ResTHKVxf4

  3. nice outfit!


  4. Hi Andrea!

    I just read your message which you sent last February (sorry 'bout that!) I'm glad that someone's reading my blog and waiting for another blogpost. I kinda stopped blogging because I wasn't really being hands-on with it and I thought that no one reads my blog.

    Now about the blogpost that you were saying... I might post them later or next week on my blog. :) x