I’m really poop at explaining things about fashion and style (and I have my last post as proof), so I’d like to continue the inspiration vomit similar to my last outfit post, since I think it makes more sense than when I talk about what I wore that day and also because I have no idea on how I choose my outfits.

oh wow i'm actually wearing wedges woah plot twist of the year

Why do we wrap presents? They just rip it up, and it creates a mess in the end. To be honest, it’s a waste of energy, time, and—needless to say—paper; but we still do it.

It’s the thrill. As humans, it’s in our nature to seek thrill; mainly because of our curiosity, and our fear for mediocrity. It’s basically what keeps us going. Human life is boring if it weren’t for our hunger for adventures. It makes us feel alive, lets us know that we’re still alive. It’s why people risk their lives for a video of them jumping off a plane, why we wrap gifts, why we work our asses off every single day, doing the same fricking thing, hoping for a sweet plot twist that the future holds for us, the plot twist that we’ve been waiting for the whole time, the plot twist that we work for everyday.


I know I'm such a bad blogger by not having a Christmas-y post (or outfit, perhaps) since I spent my holidays in Baguio City and crying over the Blink-182 shirt I got for Christmas, but I will post about our two-day trip there.

I know I'm three days late, but if it still means something, merry Christmas x


  1. merry christmas buddy! your writings never failed to amaze me. hehe.

  2. Happy New Year dear, i love the way how you inject humors and stuff in your writing :) Happy New Year :)

    Blossoming Wallflower

  3. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! (:

  4. great post!

  5. I actually really enjoy wrapping presents haha, it is such a waste of paper and tape though lol. The skirt and headband look beautiful on you.

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    Fashion Ganache.

  6. cute look :)

  7. I love this outfit - so cute, and the colours work so well together!<3