Nostalgia, stress, desperation, the list goes on. Maybe those are the reasons why I always find myself tweeting and stalking boy bands (blame Ashton Irwin okay), or reading too much John Green. I also daydream a lot more than I should, maybe because I'm overthinking my new blog layout, or I am still devastated with Cory Monteith's death. I actually don't know, everything is still a blur. 
Me and my friends met up at my house last Saturday, for no definite reason, which lead up to this impromptu  fashion post.

I was spinning

Hashtag I'm weird


Meet Nadine, my best friend-slash-partner in crime-slash-study buddy-slash-fellow daydreamer-slash-yolo aficionado. We are a living evidence of Ernest Rutherford's theory that opposites attract, from looks (ebony & ivory, heh) to things we like, but nonetheless, our personalities shockingly complemented each other instead of crashing. We're both very, very hyper (and nerdy), so I guess that helped. We've been friends since second grade, even though we were petty frenemies on fourth grade. There are instances when we're both forlorn or bitchy, but after one party begins to make a stupid joke, we're suddenly back to normal. (She even said that we should name the recipe book we're making for school as 'Curry Monteith', how can you not love this girl?)

Band of Nerds. Regina, who was taking all the pictures (so she wasn't on any shot) was the only one who isn't wearing prescribed glasses.

Today, I'm headed to another friend's house for our upcoming quarterly examinations, but I'm pretty sure it'll just be another selfie sesh. 

All photos by Regina Rimorin.


  1. Love the shorts x


  2. Lovely outfit!
    Fashion Ganache.

  3. You are all pretty! I love your stripe tops and shoes. Enjoy your day ahead! Good luck on your exam and if it's done, I hope you did got high grades.