Yes, your resident angsty girl wannabe is back with - surprise surprise - an angsty girl wannabe post. This time, I try (to not fail at) writing little (confusing) stories, written in second person.

(oh wow a playlist that's nOt on 8tracks!!! such an advanced thinker, truly an innovator)

I know I've been completely idle both in the virtual and real world, and yes, Buzzfeed videos are to blame. Those things are evil, armed with channel titles that confuse and overwhelm you, to make you easier to victimize. I wake up to rewatch this video of the Try Guys (!!!!!!!), and that's just an endless spiral from there. I watch them until I pass out, and when I wake up, the cycle continues. My brain is throbbing - it is ten minutes away from 1 am, and about three hours ago I realized how repulsive my life has been lately, and here I am, word vomiting, trying to compensate. I don't think my life is in shambles at the moment, but then again the ad for the pre-selling of tickets for a really lame band who sings about american apparel underwear showed up while I edited these pictures online, and I snorted, which was more like a cry for help. Someone please do my homework for me. 

(I do swear when I write. Sorry @mom) 

Disclaimer: All ""stories"" on the photos are fictional and not based on any real people! If you were here to siphon emotions I would've kept caged otherwise, sorry. You can always try again.


  1. 1. did you make all of these collages? because they're pretty sweet 2. do you have a version of your playlist that is on 8tracks (because i'm jsut as weird and hipster as possible and I don't have a spotify) 3. buzzfeed videos are my guilty pleasure 4. you're cute af please keep making posts! :)


  2. These collages are goals, and so is the writing on the blue sticky-note (if it is a sticky-note). You seem to be pretty great at being an angsty girl to me.

    The Life of Little Me

  3. Those collages are great. You're talented. Art with messages are the best (:
    Nati xx