Three very, very, very, very, very effective and mASSIvely creative ways to boost your paint-fiddling game.
I am to promote the inclusion of as much creativity and art and whatever it is that not only floats one's boat, but rocks it vigorously and leads it to a magical wonderland where they can live their life dedicated to what they're passionate about. This new blog blog series, 'How 2 b kool', includes various steps to help achieve a Shift, which is a positive change in how a person lives. It is a hodgepodge of self-betterment BS and random ideas that will encourage readers to stand up and go live. Live. Live. Go live.
Paint-fiddle with kids
This is actually the most fun of all three; just peacefully conjuring ethereal images on a blank canvas by caressing paint using your gentle fingers uNTIL THE KIDS COME OUT AND ROLL OVER YOUR PAPER UNTIL THEY RUN OUT OF CANVAS AND DRAW ON YOU TOO.

The paint fight is extremely, extremely inevitable (and it's the whole point of all this, really) but it's the best part so whatever happens, do it. 
Paint-fiddle on shoes
Despite what everyone may think, you don't have to have hands with Jesus' tears to do this. See what I did? Those are circles. JUST CIRCLES. NOT EVEN PERFECT CIRCLES, but hey, that didn't stop me from going all Picasso...or...should i say,,..,Picasshoe [nervous laughter].
If you really don't want to draw (YOU CAN DO IT LIL FLUFF I BELIEVE IN U), you can get some colored fabric dye and splatter it all over, or try marbling
Paint-fiddle music
This one's my favorite: painting music. David Levithan's characters in his novel Boy Meets Boy were doing this, and I don't know why I didn't think of this before ??? Like ??? When he mentioned it, it didn't even seem absurd, it all made sense. Like ??? 

Basically, you play a song, then you paint. This is what you do when you're too frustrated to do typography.
'How 2 B Kool' is my new blog series YAAAAY. It's just a bunch of ideas to ~*unleash your creative beast*~ ~*I don't know what I'm saying but I hope it makes sense*~. Happy Easter, everyone! xx 

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