Hey, if you don’t believe in society or has no plan whatsoever in following the so-so ‘template’ it has set for everyone (i.e. college), it’s definitely okay.


If you know what you want to do, every day, for the remainder of your life, there is no reason to ignore it unless it’s to rewatch Sherlock until Benedict Cumberbatch begins to Benedict Crumblebatch to go do something else. Nope. No reason.

Ya see, there are seven billion people in the world, and most of them did well at school, went to uni, and got a generic job like being a doctor (or if they’ve got lil balls they become scuba divers or writers at night). There are s e v e n   b i l l I o n of them, so hELL NO the world doesn’t need one more of those; it’s already got too many. What the world needs are those who bring life, those who look forward to waking up, those who propagate passion and art and whatever comforts the soul. Seven billion people work everyday to be of service to each other, selling food and curing diseases and whatnot, but we’re still miserable despite the abundance of workers to provide for our needs. It’s because all this work is put into our physical bodies and no one takes the soul seriously—there’s only a handful working for it.

The world needs you to be brave. [cue dramatic instrumental  and a sunset in the horizon]

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