The Flower Adventures is the moniker for my friends and I’s photo walks, where we just walk around my village with our cameras. Nicole (left) noticed that there were always flowers on our walks, hence the name. These are the pictures from the second one, you can read about the first on Nicole’s blog here.

 From left to right: Nadine, Nicole, and Bridget. Forever my baes.
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And of course, the outfit shots:
1718192021 2223 2425262728303132I literally have the bestest friends any girl can have; they inspire me with everything they do. I’m not the easiest to be with and I have a pretty complicated nature, so having a group of friends who willingly understands me and rides along my weird tendencies makes me feel like happiness isn’t some kind of elusive, mythical animal, or something. It makes happiness easier to achieve, and a common feat in our day-to-day lives. I mean, how many people in the world will invite you to a photo walk right after the last day of exam week when they could’ve been in bed after being deprived of sleep for six days? Everything is so much easier (and happier) with friends, and I couldn’t have asked for better ones. Anyway, for more photos, read Nicole’s post and you can also go through the hashtag #thefloweradventures on Instagram. Here’s a video from our first walk (((WATCH IT THE BEGINNING’S REALLY FUNNY LIKE YOU WILL ACTUALLY LAUGH A REAL LAUGH))):


  1. Hah you guys seem to have so much fun . The video is great!

  2. Those flower crowns look really pretty! You guys rocked them! haha :)

    Cathy | HELLO, CATHY