I know you’ve had enough Valentine’s-themed blog posts, especially when you’re reading this right now instead of enjoying the rest of the lovely afternoon, but I just can’t keep my mouth shut with all the delight this day have filled me. (And to celebrate, I wore this top)

Ever since the idea of this day was clear to me (I think I was eight by then?), I made a point to look at boys as they hand flowers or chocolates and whatnot every year, even until now. It makes me smile, the idea of the boy walking through stores upon stores, completely clueless and nervous, so he can give the love of his life a token of his adoration the next day.

But it was only this year that I had the privilege to see that. Every year, all I witness is Valentine’s itself—chocolate barter among groups of friends, roses behind backs, hugs everywhere; but this time, I watched pre-Valentine, and it was one of the most beautiful things ever.

Yesterday, I went to a mall to buy gifts and such for our teachers (what I sweet student I am! Hahahahahaha). There were a lot of boys of all ages carrying paper bags with petals peeking through, if not giant bears they can’t simply manage to fit in a bag. The line to a certain flower shop was extremely long (and I was the only girl ha), and people before me were having doubts with what arrangement to choose. There was a long queue in a cake stand, even, where design forms are being submitted with a lot of erasures on it, further proof of people second guessing themselves, unsure of the desire of the receiver. Everything was so cute and giggle-worthy, since boys are known to come off really resilient, and there they were, beads of sweat prickling their foreheads in a fully-air conditioned flower shop. 

Today was just as special. I’m no pretty lady and I’m not a hopeless romantic either but I think my top contradicts but I came home with some trinkets of my own from super sweet friends (AND I EVEN RECEIVED A DRAWING OF ALL TIME LOW I SCREAMED). I didn’t witness any gift-giving between boys with butterflies and their unsuspecting targets, sadly. Yet I did see my friends’ faces light up as we handed each other chocolates, so that, I guess, is enough. 

I’m going to spend the rest of the day alone because I’m only thirteen hahahahaha and decide on whether I’m going to have a Pretty Little Liars marathon or read Everyday by David Levithan, or maybe just sleep because it’s a tough decision. Happy v day!


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